• Louisiana State Senate Louisiana State Senate
    Senator Troy E. Brown

    District 2

    Representative Dalton Honore

    District 15

    Representative Eddie Lambert

    District 18

    Senator Mack A. “Bodi” White

    District 6

    Scott McKnight

    District 16

    Senator Neil Riser

    District 32

    Senator Dale M. Erdey

    District 13

    Senator Rick Ward III

    District 17

  • Louisiana House of Representatives Louisiana House of Representatives
    Representative Major Thibaut

    District 18

    Representative Edward J. Price

    District 58

    Donna Collins-Lewis

    District 61

    Barbara West Carpenter

    District 63

    Darrell Ourso

    District 66

    Ryan Heck

    District 69

    Representative John A. Berthelot

    District 88

    Ronnie Edwards

    District 29

    Tony Bacala

    District 59

    C. Denise Marcelle

    District 61

    Joyce Marie Plummer

    District 63

    Representative Stephen F. Carter

    District 68

    Representative Franklin J. Foil

    District 70

    Representative Sherman Q. Mack

    District 95

    Edmond Jordan

    District 29

    Chad Brown

    District 60

    Representative Kenneth E. Havard

    District 62

    Representative Barry Ivey

    District 65

    Paula Davis

    District 69

    Representative Clay Schexnayder

    District 81

    Ryan Heck

    District 8

  • Constitutional Ammendments Constitutional Ammendments
    Constitutional Amendment No. 1 (Act 473 – SB 202)

    Budget and Transportation Stabilization Trust

    Constitutional Amendment No. 2 (Act 471 – HB 618)

    Funds for Transportation

  • Issues in East Baton Rouge Parish Issues in East Baton Rouge Parish
    Parishwide Proposition Public Library System

    East Baton Rouge Parish Library Tax Renewal