The Voice of the Region’s Business Community

FuturePAC gives businesses a voice on political issues and candidates that impact the economic landscape of the Capital Region.

We Know Economic Development

A political action committee of the Baton Rouge Area Chamber, FuturePAC is the only PAC focused on economic development issues for Louisiana and the Capital Region. There are other business and statewide reform PACs, but FuturePAC is the only PAC solely focused on that topic.

We Drive Change that Matters

FuturePAC’s mission is to financially support issues and candidates that promote economic development in the Baton Rouge area and improve the business climate of the region. When FuturePAC engages, it makes a difference in the outcomes.

FuturePAC primarily focuses on the following types of elections

State & Regional LeadershipLocal LeadershipImportant Issues
Statewide Elected OfficialsParish President*Infrastructure
State Representatives and SenatorsParish Council Seats*Tax Reform
JudicialParish School Board Seats*Economic Development Issues
Quality of Life Issues
*East Baton Rouge Parish only, other parishes if requested by parish business leaders

Importance of ”Big PAC”

FuturePAC is a “Big PAC”, which means that FuturePAC may contribute twice the normal limit to highly qualified candidates in the Capital Region. The Code of Governmental Ethics outlines contribution limits according to a major office candidate, district office candidate, and any other office candidate.  FuturePAC has been designated as a “Big PAC” since its inception in 2006.

Types of Support

FuturePAC may support a candidate in one or more ways:


to the candidate’s campaign fund


FuturePAC’s endorsement

Providing Strategy

on campaign organization and tactics