Why Join FuturePAC?

FuturePAC financially supports issues and candidates which promote economic development and improve the business climate in the Capital Region.

Individual Donation Corporate Donation


  • Campaign endorsements and contributions in key Capital Region races: legislators, parish presidents, parish councils, and school boards
  • Education programs for voters and elected officials


  • Improved communications with elected officials
  • More elected officials with economic development and business-friendly agendas Increased job growth

To contribute, fill out the online form below or print and complete the attached form. Send the completed form and contribution to:

564 Laurel St
Baton Rouge, LA 70801
For further information or assistance, contact David Zoller
at 225-339-1172.

FuturePAC PDF Form

FuturePAC works to identify and support candidates who not only understand the issues facing small businesses but have the strength to make the hard decisions that are not always politically popular. Small businesses serve as the backbone of our regional economy and need the support and advocacy FuturePAC provides,” said Pat Felder, co-owner of Felder’s Collision Parts and two-time chair of FuturePAC.

The regional orientation of FuturePAC served as the impetus for the creation of the Capital Region Legislative Delegation, one of my first efforts following my election to office.  FuturePAC plays an increasingly important role in that it is representative of a cross-section of businesses from around the Capital Region,” said Representative Steve Carter, District 68, Louisiana House of Representatives. “In order to be effective, FuturePAC relies on support and active engagement from area business leaders.”